EZ CD Audio Converter versions

EZ CD Audio Converter
EZ CD Audio Converter Free
Dolby AAC and HE AAC codecs
Dolby AAC / HE AAC included
Fraunhofer AAC and HE AAC codecs
Fraunhofer AAC / HE AAC included
GD3 premium metadata service
GD3 premium metadata included
High-resolution cover art download from MusicBrainz and GD3
High-resolution cover art downloads included
CD ripping error detection/correction
CD ripper error detection included
CD ripping log
CD ripping log generation included
CD ripping speed
Audio conversion speed / parallel conversion
Automatic updates
Automatic free unlimited upgrades included
Convert audio from video files
Convert audio from video files included
Support for pre-gaps, ISRC
Support for advanced CD-DA features included
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