Version history

  • Audio CD Ripper improvements
    • Added error detection compatibility mode that can be enabled for the drives that don't properly support the hardware-level error detection (C2 error pointers)
    • Improved error recovery
    • Don't stop on hardware-corrected read error in Normal ripping mode
    • Don't stop on hardware-corrected read error but report the data error in Error Detection ripping mode
    • Improved ripping/encoding performance by optimizing the CPU usage of the control thread and status window
  • Support converting Opus files with .ogg file extension
  • Don't crash when loading a FLAC file that has a corrupt (zero-length) metadata vorbis comment field
  • Performance improvements
    • All codecs and algorithm libraries recompiled and optimized with the latest C++ compilers
    • Notable performance improvements in most of the codecs (MP3, Vorbis, Opus, FLAC)
    • No change in audio quality
  • Bugfix: Decoding DSF file larger than 1GB failed
  • Bugfix: Adding a folder containing an m3u8 playlist to the Audio Converter added the same files twice
  • Fixed loading of MP3/ID3V2 embedded images with unicode description text
  • Fixed Shorten (.shn) decoding
  • Added support for m3u8 (M3U UTF-8) playlists
  • Default padding block is now written to the FLAC files to fix the playback bug of FLAC files in faulty firmware of some Pioneer and Onkyo receivers
    • Default behaviour of the official FLAC encoder
  • Monkey's Audio 4.33 codec update
  • Fixed a memory leak in video file audio decoder
  • Download 500x500 Cover Art from MusicBrainz by default
    • Better default size for embedded cover art
    • Smaller download - faster metadata query
    • High-resolution Cover Art download can be enabled from the Settings
  • Read LAME 3.100 MP3 file gapless info
  • Gapless decoding of LAME 3.100 MP3 files
  • M4A metadata editing, now possible to remove tags from existing files
  • WMA metadata editing, now possible to remove BOOL and DWORD tags from existing files
  • Don't fail APE conversion on bad crc
  • AAC improved decoding of damaged files (improve syncing on bad frames)
  • M4A ISO gapless improvements (Converting M4A rips from sources like YouTube now work properly)
  • Updated MP3 encoder
  • Improved MP3 encoding performance
  • Fixed the memory allocation defect of v7.0.3/4 that sometimes caused a crash in sample rate conversion
  • Subfolders starting with a dot are now included when the parent folder is dragged to the audio converter
  • Fixed the UI problems of the previous update
  • Fixed the silence removal DSP that got broken in the previous update
  • Performance improvements
    • Audio engine optimizations
    • Significantly faster audio conversion
    • No changes in audio quality
  • Reset trial period for trial users
7.0.2 - Windows Store only
  • Support for Apple Core Audio AAC encoder in the Windows Store version of the app
  • Support for Apple Core Audio AAC encoder
  • Show estimated bit rate range for VBR output formats
  • New accurate 64-bit multichannel audio processing engine
  • Newest audio codecs included
  • Improved audio conversion from video files
  • Extended filename template syntax for more flexible file naming
  • User interface improvements