Metadata Editor

EZ Meta Tag Editor

Audio file manager, easy-to-use metadata editor for audio files

Filename templates

Filename preview


Use <Metadata> to include metadata tag to the filename. Use backslash (\) to auto-create folders.

Conditional IF: Second set of <> removes all text inside the second <> if any of the <Metadata> fields inside the second <> are empty.

Filename Templates Examples

<Number>. <Title>

<<Album Artist> - ><<Album> - ><<Number> - ><Title>

Metadata tags

Tag Meaning
<Album artist> Album artist
<Album> Album title
<Year> Year
<Disc Number> Disc number
<Total Discs> Total discs
<Genre> Genre
<Barcode> UPC/EAN
<Track Artist> Track artist
<Title> Track title
<Number> Track number (#/##/###/#### specifies zero-padding)
<Total Tracks> Total tracks
<Length> Track length (e.g. 3.16)
<Composer> Composer
<Sequence> File/Track List sequence/order number
<Filename> Source file name
<Encoded By> Encoded by
<Label> Record label
<Publisher> Publisher
<Conductor> Conductor
<BPM> Beats per minute
<CUSTOM METADATA> All extended metadata tags can be used