Metadata Editor

EZ Meta Tag Editor

Audio file manager, easy-to-use metadata editor for audio files

Version history


  • Automatic 'Size All Columns to Fit' option
  • Bugfix: 'Size Column To Fit' did not apply to the correct column if the default column order was altered
  • Build 2: Improved album detection on Discogs query


  • Opus 1.5.1 decoder
  • WavPack 5.7.0 decoder
  • Monkey's Audio [APE] 10.55 decoder
  • Improved support for Wave [wav], Wave64 [w64] and AIFF [aif aiff aifc] non-PCM formats
  • Detect WebM files with *invalid* .ogg (Vorbis) or .opus (Opus) extensions and handle the files correctly


  • Support Matroska metadata (.mka & .mkv)
  • Support WebM metadata (.webm)
  • Improved WAV, AIFF and Wave64 metadata writing (can fix incorrectly aligned last ID3/custom chunk written by a non-compliant software)


  • Bugfix: Fixed manual MusicBrainz / Discogs / GD3 metadata search


  • C++ compilers, libraries and runtime updates, performande, stability and general improvements
  • Monkey's Audio [ APE ] 10.29 decoder
  • Adjusted metadata window edit-field margins (for usability)


  • Updated JPEG support (updated libjpeg6b to mozjpeg 4.1.1/libjpeg8d)
    • Up to 20% smaller JPEG files with improved visual quality
    • Improved JPEG decoding performance (faster UI with JPEG cover art)
    • Non-standard JPEGs with more than 10 blocks/MCU now loaded without errors


  • Copy/Paste metadata from a file(s) to file(s)
  • Get metadata tags from filenames
  • Auto-number files' track number metadata
  • Single-click clear metadata of selected files
  • Amazon Cover Art search works again with all Amazon stores and added new Amazon stores
  • Improved File Rename


  • Updated integrated File Explorer components
  • Updated FLAC 1.4.3 decoder
  • Updated Monkey's Audio [APE] 10.18 decoder


  • Made 'Comment' field to 4 full rows
  • ID3v2.3: Write Year/Date to TYER frame only (for compatibility). Support reading TYER+TDAT frames and TYER Year/Date frame. (v3.1 and v3.1.1 wrote TYER+TDAT, older versions TYER only)


  • Enter key now moves to the next row in 'Quick Edit' mode
  • Album Art MIME type was set incorrectly


  • File list editing improvements
  • Improved metadata support
  • Improved support for Release Date metadata tag (Year-field can contain either Release Year or Release Date)
  • Improved ID3V2 [mp3] and MPEG-4 ISO FF [m4a] metadata
  • Support Monkey's Audio [APE] 32-bit floating point files
  • Indicate 32-bit *floating point* audio in Bit Depth field
  • New recognized metadata fields
    • Mixer
    • Engineer
    • Producer
    • DJ Mixer


  • New updated user interface
  • Improved files & folders management with Drag & Drop Cut/Copy/Paste/Delete
  • More editable metadata tags in the file list and quick metadata panel
  • New recognized metadata fields; ARRANGER, CATALOGNUMBER
  • View and manage external Album Art & image files
  • Full Windows Explorer style file browser
  • Integrated Album Art & Image Viewer


  • Dark mode improvements
  • Decoder updates


  • Darker Dark Mode (now inline with the Windows 10/11 dark mode design)
  • Improved Windows 10 Dark Mode window caption, border, shadows


  • Dark Mode available
  • User interface view improvements
  • Fixed folder view high DPI scaling


  • Improved MPEG-4 ISO [.m4a] AAC file properties detection for AAC-LC <= 24 kHz and HE-AAC Mono formats
  • Improved AAC multichannel signaling detection (ISO/IEC 14496-3:2009/Amd 4:2013) (6.1, 7.1 rear)
  • Correctly read MPEG-4 ISO file [.m4a] 'Compilation' tag value (don't detect as compilation if 'Compilation' tag is set to 'false')
  • Updated all decoders to support 5.0, 6.1, and 7.1 multichannel (in addition to 4.0 Quad and 5.1)
  • Improved ReplayGain / EBU R128 scanning for multichannel files
  • Show file sample rate with 3 decimals (e.g. 22.050 kHz / 44.100 kHz) (previously 22.1 kHz / 44.1 kHz)


  • Updated the previous version change row/column navigation 'Ctrl + Left/Right/Up/Down' to 'Alt + Left/Right/Up/Down' in track/file lists ('Ctrl + Left/Right/Up/Down' reserved for edit control cursor movement)


  • Certified for Windows 11
  • Improved track/file lists navigation (navigate rows/columns with 'Ctrl + Left/Right/Up/Down')
  • Fixed crash when loading invalid GIF image from metadata
  • Monkey's Audio [ APE ] v7.02 decoder update
  • Opus decoder update (LibOgg 1.3.5)
  • FLAC decoder update (LibOgg 1.3.5)
  • Vorbis decoder update (LibOgg 1.3.5)


  • Bugfix access violation when launching external audio player
  • Decoder and detection improvements for Wave [ .wav ] and AAC, AAC-LC, HE-AAC (v2) [ .m4a ] file formats
  • Updated MP3/MP2/MP1 decoder (improved detection and decoding of files that contain bad first frames)
  • Added support for Ogg FLAC [ .ogg .oga ] format
  • Added support for .m4v file format
  • Added Support for .oga [ Ogg Vorbis, Opus, Ogg FLAC ] file format


  • Updated Discogs service
  • Updated xHE-AAC (m4a) metadata handler
  • Updated AAC-LC/HE-AAC/HE-AAC v2 (m4a/m4b/aac) metadata handlers
  • Updated Monkey's Audio metadata handler
  • Updated WavPack metadata handler
  • Updated xHE-AAC decoder
  • Updated AAC-LC/HE-AAC/HE-AAC v2 decoders
  • Updated Monkey's Audio decoder
  • Updated WavPack decoder


  • Integrated Windows File Explorer component updated
  • Allow file operations in shell tree
  • Updated AAC and xHE-AAC decoders


  • Support xHE-AAC
  • Improved Discogs search matching


  • Updated Freedb service
  • Get 1080px cover art from WMP service (service default recently changed from 1080px to 720px)
  • Get Genre (most voted) metadata from MusicBrainz service
  • Get Genre metadata from Discogs service
  • Read ALBUM ARTIST metadata to Album Artist metadata if ALBUMARTIST (standard) does not exist


  • Improved output filenames / rename files filename generation
    • New predefined tags
    • All metadata tags can be used
  • Updated Monkey's Audio 5.11 decoder (for the ReplayGain scanner)
    • Multi-channel support
    • 32-bit samples support


  • Improved cover art icons


  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug in DSD decoder (ReplayGain scanning) (buffer overflow in decoder-delay handling)
  • Bugfix: Fixed the bug where the App may have crashed when handling an audio file with corrupt embedded cover
  • Latest language files included


  • Added WavPack DSD Support
  • Bugfix: Fixed the bug of v2.0.0 where the window size was not restored to correct size on a DPI-scaled screen


  • Cover art resize; custom resolution
  • Support DSDIFF (DSD) (.dff) metadata
  • Added DSDIFF (DSD) (.dff) decoder (for ReplayGain)
  • Handle YEAR (DATE) tag as a string in advanced metadata editor
  • Add edit space to YEAR (DATE) tag so that date in format '2019-09-18' is fully visible
  • Updated Amazon Cover Art search
    • High resolution cover art is available again
    • Amazon query responds more reliably
  • Updated DSD Stream File (.dsf) decoder (for ReplayGain)


  • M4A rating tag Windows File Explorer compatibility
  • Updated all metadata handlers to the latest versions


  • Amazon Cover Art Search now works again (change in Amazon Search URL)
    • Higher resolution cover art from Amazon now available
  • Added BARCODE (UPC/EAN) and LABEL predefined metadata fields


  • Wave64 support
  • Minor user interface improvements


  • Update the file list significantly faster


  • Fixed the bug where MusicBrainz query froze the App when MusicBrainz service returned malformed metadata entry. Bug occurred in very rare occasions.


  • Initial release