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Audio CD Ripper settings

Disc detection

Enable / Disable tasks that are performed when an audio CD is inserted into the drive.


Audio CDs can contain information about the disc (album artist, album title, track artists, track titles). If this option is enabled, CD-Text is automatically requested from the drive when a disc is inserted into the drive.

Detect pre-gaps

Detect index 00 (usually silence) lengths by scanning the disc

Read Catalog / ISRC and detect Pre-emphasis

Read disc Barcode + ISRC information, and detect pre-emphasis from track sub-codes.

Detect HTOA (Hidden Track One Audio)

Hidden Track One Audio (HTOA) is non-silent audio data located in the index 00 portion ('pre-gap') of track 01 on an audio CD. CDs normally start playing a track at index 01, which comes after 00, so to hear HTOA, one has to manually scan backward from the start of track 01. Not all drives can access audio data in the pregap.

EZ CD Audio Converter can rip the HTOA track if it is detected.

Query Internet disc database

Automatically request disc information from the Internet disc database services when disc is inserted into the drive.


Pre-emphasis: De-emphasize

Apply de-emphasis filter when ripping a CD that has pre-emphasis.

Eject disc when ripping process is completed

Eject the disc when the CD ripping process is completed.

Write 'Total Tracks' metadata

Specifies whether to write 'Total Tracks' metadata to the output files. In some metadata formats, such as in ID3V2, the 'Total Tracks' metadata is written in the form of "track number/total tracks".