EZ CD Audio Converter - Full Edition vs Freeware Edition

Feature EZ CD Audio Converter
Full Edition
EZ CD Audio Converter Free
Freeware Edition
CD Ripping Secure CD ripping
Advanced error detection
2-pass CRC verification
Sample offset correction
CRC calculation
Normal CD ripping
Sample offset correction
CRC calculation
Profiles Customizable output profiles
Create exact Disc Images w/ Cue Sheet
Rip and Convert to Single File output
Not available
Metadata services GD3, WMP, MusicBrainz, Discogs, Freedb, Amazon
(high resolution cover art)
MusicBrainz, Freedb, Amazon
Parallel audio converters Up to 64
(CPU auto-detect threads, or select manually)
Audio conversion speed 5 - 10% performance boost
(per converter)
Metadata Full metadata
51 predefined tags + custom tags +
Cover Art + unlimited embedded images
Basic + Cover Art
Audio Engine accuracy 64-bit float
(high resolution audio)
(CD+ quality audio)
Sample Rate Converter 32-bit accuracy 20-bit accuracy
(On bit depth reduction / quantization)
Round to nearest, Rectangular, Triangular, Noise-shaped Round to nearest
AAC Codec “internal” FhG FDK AAC Encoder
(Poikosoft is official licensee of AAC)

“external” Apple AAC Encoder
“internal” FhG FDK AAC Encoder
(requires patent license, free 30 day trial usage included)

“external” Apple AAC Encoder
(no limitations)
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