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EZ CD Audio Converter

Easy-to-use audio file converter software with professional audio quality

Settings > General

General settings

Automatic check for updates

Automatically check for Software Update on startup (once per day maximum)

Enable Windows File Explorer context menus

Show right-click Convert / Edit / Burn menu for folder and file items in Windows File Explorer

Play a sound when a task is completed

Play an audio file when a CD ripping, audio conversion, or disc burning process is completed

Quick edit metadata fields

Click on a track/file list metadata column starts immediate editing of the metdata field (instead of selecting the track/file).

Loudness display units

Configures loudness and sample peak units displayed in the file list user interface.


LUFS | EBU R 128
dB Δ | ReplayGain
dB SPL | ReplayGain


db FS or db %