Version history


  • Updated the previous version change row/column navigation 'Ctrl + Left/Right/Up/Down' to 'Alt + Left/Right/Up/Down' in track/file lists ('Ctrl + Left/Right/Up/Down' reserved for edit control cursor movement)
  • Improved audio engine multichannel support
    • Improved >8ch/7.1/6.1 downmixing (to 5.1/5.0/Quad/Stereo/Mono)
    • Minor tuning on mixing matrices
  • Fixed Apple AAC encoder (available if iTunes is installed) (got broken in previous update)


  • Certified for Windows 11
  • Improved track/file lists navigation (navigate rows/columns with 'Ctrl + Left/Right/Up/Down')
  • Monkey's Audio [ APE ] v7.02 codec update
  • Exhale Extended HE-AAC encoder v1.1.7
  • FLAC codec updated (LibOgg v1.3.5)
  • Opus codec updated (LibOgg v1.3.5)
  • Vorbis codec updated (LibOgg v1.3.5)
  • FFMPEG based decoders (decode audio from certain video file formats) use proper Unicode file names (long Unicode paths now work correctly)
  • <BARCODE> set file name generation token to '0000000000000' (empty BARCODE) if UPC/EAN does not exist (on the CD or file metadata)
  • Revert the previous version change: "CD Ripper set UPC/EAN to '0000000000000' if detection is enabled and CD does not have UPC/EAN"
  • Fixed the bug reading AIFF files with explicit big-endian byte order tag in the file header
  • Fixed the bug where ISRC was read twice to metadata (from local db and from the Audio CD)


  • Updated MP3 encoder (LAME v3.101.2) (with precise math optimizations)
  • Updated Extended HE-AAC encoder (Exhale v1.1.6.2)
  • Updated Opus encoder (with precise math optimizations)
  • Updated WavPack DSD encoder (DSD 5.1 to DSD 5.1 conversion channel-mix bug fix, removed 'Very High Quality' mode not used with WavPack DSD format)
  • Updated MP3/MP2/MP1 decoder (improved decoding of files that contain bad first frames with invalid sample rate)
  • Added Ogg FLAC [.ogg .oga] format (decoder, metadata support)
  • Added .M4V file format (decoder, metadata support)
  • Added .OGA file format [Ogg Vorbis, Opus, Ogg FLAC] (decoder, metadata support)
  • WAV reader can now convert files where data length is set to 0 (invalid WAV file)
  • Fixed crash when loading corrupt GIF image from metadata
  • CD Ripper log Album Artist and Album information
  • CD Ripper set UPC/EAN to '0000000000000' if detection is enabled and CD does not have UPC/EAN
  • User interface improvements
  • User interface bug fixes


  • Updated Fraunhofer IIS [ Professional ] xHE-AAC™ encoder
  • Updated Fraunhofer IIS [ Professional ] AAC ( AAC-LC | HE-AAC | HE-AAC v2 ) encoder
  • Updated xHE-AAC™ decoder
  • Added MPEG-D DRC settings for the xHE-AAC™ decoder
  • Successfully passed the xHE-AAC™ Codec compliancy tests developed by Fraunhofer
  • Enabled peak limiter (0 dbFS) on floating point transcoder to prevent codec compression artifacts (lossy formats)

xHE-AAC is a trademark of Fraunhofer and is registered in Germany, the United States, and other countries


  • Extended HE-AAC encoder
    • Whole bitrate range now supports 44.1kHz & 48kHz sample rates
    • Mono VBR formats list fixed
  • Recompiled the whole application because a faulty RAM module was discovered and replaced on the development computer just after the v9.3 was released


  • New! Fraunhofer IIS [ Professional ] Extended HE-AAC encoder
  • New! Fraunhofer IIS [ Professional ] AAC ( AAC-LC | HE-AAC | HE-AAC v2 ) encoder
  • Updated Extended HE-AAC decoder
  • Updated AAC-LC, HE-AAC, HE-AAC v2 decoder
  • Updated WavPack 5.4.0 codec
  • Updated Monkey's Audio 6.14 codec
  • Reworked settings UI
  • Setting to specify which additional metadata is written to the Cue Sheet [.cue]
  • Freedb service updated (GnuDb)
  • Freedb submission service available again (GnuDb)
  • Discogs service updated (Cover Art is available again)
  • Don't write Apple iTunes (iTunSMPB) gapless metadata to M4A files by default, can be enabled from the Settings (M4A / MPEG-4 ISO format has native preferred method for gapless playback)


  • Updated Exhale Extended HE-AAC encoder v1.1.1
    • Improved audio quality of low bitrate modes (~40, ~48, ~64, and ~72 kbit/s)
    • Improved compatibility with some decoders
  • Updated DSD encoder
    • Improved DSD encoder precision
    • Fixed AVX2 processor instruction set optimization inaccuracy


  • Updated Exhale Extended HE-AAC encoder v1.1
    • Audio quality improvements
    • New high quality low-bitrate modes
    • Very special thanks to Mr. Christian Helmrich for his great work and big thanks for the co-operation !
  • Updated Fraunhofer FDK AAC encoder v4.0.1 [ AAC Encoder v4.0.1, FDK Tools v3.1.0 ]
    • Audio quality improvements
    • Improved VBR modes audio quality
    • Retuned for improved audio quality (details)
    • Reworked VBR modes with improved audio quality (Full range 24 - 384 kbit/s for Stereo, 16 - 192 kbit/s for Mono, and 96 - 960 kbit/s for 5.1) (details)
  • Updated Fraunhofer FDK Extended HE-AAC decoder v3.2.0 [ AAC Decoder v3.2.0, FDK Tools v3.1.0 ]
  • Fraunhofer FDK AAC encoder HE-AAC and HE-AAC v2 modes in MPEG-4 ISO BMFF (M4A) now use “Explicit hierarchical signaling” (previously using “Explicit backward compatible signaling” for compatibility with the old AAC-LC-only decoders)
  • HE-AAC & HE-AAC v2 MPEG-4 ISO BMFF (M4A) gapless now conforms with MPEG-4 Part 24 (ISO/IEC 14496-24) specification
  • Updated Apple AAC encoder support, can be used from the new iTunes Desktop versions (v12.10.9.3+) and from the iTunes Microsoft Store version
  • No longer writes obsolete 'replaygain_originator_code' tags to MPEG-4 ISO BMFF (M4A) files
  • Updated the output formats descriptions list for clearer appearance


  • Integrated Windows File Explorer component updated
  • Allow file operations in shell tree
  • Added (restored) Peak Normalization (Sample Peak & True Peak)
  • Show Track/Album Gain as 'dB LUFS', 'dB Δ RG', or 'dB SPL RG' on Ripper/Converter status list
  • Show Track/Album Peak as '%', or 'dB' on Ripper/Converter status list
  • Updated Extended HE-AAC encoder & decoder
  • Updated Monkey's Audio encoder & decoder
  • Updated AAC [ AAC-LC & HE-AAC (v2) ] decoder


  • Extended HE-AAC codec update
    • Improved CVBR0 and CVBR1 audio quality
  • Fix: Fraunhofer FDK AAC encoder allow 48, 44.1 kHz sample rates with HE-AAC (v2) VBR modes 1 & 2
  • Fix: Discogs search matching MusicBrainz helper was disabled


  • Added Extended HE-AAC codec
  • Updated AAC-LC and HE-AAC codecs
  • Updated FLAC codec
  • Updated Vorbis codec
  • Updated Opus codec
  • Updated Monkey's Audio codec
  • Updated FFMPEG-based codecs
  • Improved automatic Discogs query matching
  • Fixed DTS decoder no longer fails on data error
  • Fixed DTS HD in MKA container was occasionally detected with wrong sample rate


  • Freedb service updated


  • User interface improvements
    • Added quick buttons for functions such as Add Files, Clear List, to the Audio Converter UI with the integrated File Explorer visible
    • Correct Rip CD and Convert button sizes when other than Normal profile was last used before new program launch
    • Load cover art possibility to open from last used folder or source audio file folder (previously last used folder only)
  • Metadata services improvements
    • Get 1080px cover art from WMP/Gracenote service (service default recently changed from 1080px to 720px)
    • Get Genre (most voted) metadata from MusicBrainz service
    • Get Genre metadata from Discogs service
  • Codec Updates
    • WavPack 5.3.0
  • Fixes & improvements
    • Fix memory fault that may have occured when saving file list to M3U file
    • Read ALBUM ARTIST metadata to Album Artist metadata if ALBUMARTIST (standard) does not exist
    • Decode M4A/AAC files that have invalid sgpd atom (iso gapless)


  • Minor updates to the newly refreshed user interface
  • Recompiled the UI with updated C++ compiler & libraries


  • New user interface experience
  • Added taskbar / start menu jump list to launch Audio Converter, CD Ripper, or Disc Burner
  • Updated the integrated File Explorer component
  • MusicBrainz & Discogs manual search by Barcode (UPC/EAN)
  • CD ripper disc detection (pre-gaps, ISRCs, UPC/EAN) now uses the selected reading speed
Audio Converter CD Ripper Disc Burner Taskbar / Start Menu Jump List


  • Codec Updates
    • WavPack 5.2.0
    • LAME MP3 Encoder 3.100.1 update


  • Improved output filenames / rename files filename generation
    • New predefined tags
    • All metadata tags can be used
    • External cover art option allows tags for filename generation
  • Codec Update: Fraunhofer FDK AAC 4.0.1
    • Audio quality improvements
  • Codec Update: Monkey's Audio 5.11
    • Multi-channel support
    • 32-bit samples support
    • Performance improvements
  • Profiles UI update
  • UPC/EAN always visible in the track list after initial scan
  • Parse multi-disc Cue Sheet / Single File metadata
  • Minor UI improvements


  • Added support for converting from Super Audio CD ISO (SACD ISO) [.iso] files
  • Added 5.0 support for DSD output formats


  • Bugfix: Fixed user interface bug (cover art icons)


  • DSD encoder speed improvements (no compromise in audio quality)
  • DSD decoder audio quality improvements
  • Refreshed DSP Options window
  • Bugfix: Fixed buffer overflow in DSD decoder-delay handling
  • Bugfix: Adding a file with corrupt embedded cover art icon can't crash the App anymore


  • Fixed the critical bug of the v9.0.1: App did not start on Windows 7/8 because Windows 10 WinRT API was accidentally used in the Desktop version of the App
  • Updated WavPack DSD encoder


  • Updated DSD encoder
    • Improved performance (~20% faster per thread on i7)
    • Improved audio quality
  • Added WavPack DSD encoder
  • Updated WavPack decoder
    • Native DSD conversion
    • Use integrated DSD-to-PCM converter (not WavPack DSD-to-PCM)
  • Updated WavPack encoder with the official compression levels; Fast, Default, High, Very High (previously Default, Best, Fast)
  • Bugfix: Fixed the bug of v9.0.0 where the window size was not restored to correct size on a DPI-scaled screen


  • Codecs
    • FLAC 1.3.3
    • New DSD encoders
      • DSF (DSD Stream File) encoder
      • DFF (DSDIFF) encoder
    • Updated DSD decoders (DSD-to-PCM converters)
      • Improved decimation / low-pass filter
      • Updated DSF (DSD Stream File) decoder
      • New DFF (DSDIFF) decoder
      • New DFT (DSDIFF) decoder
    • Fast seeking support for DSD decoders
      • Fast conversion from .dsf/.dff Cue Sheet audio disc images
  • Metadata
    • Added support for DSDIFF (.dff) metadata
    • Improved support for DSD Stream File (.dsf) metadata
  • Audio Engine
    • Support direct DSD to DSD conversion (bit-to-bit lossless conversion between DSD audio file formats)
    • Support DSD to DSD conversion via DXD if changing sample rate or modifying audio data with DSPs
  • Cover Art
    • Cover Art thumbnails are now shown in native aspect ratio (previously scaled to square)
    • Resize Cover Art with custom resolution
    • Keep aspect ratio when resizing Cover Art
    • Option to disable embedded Cover Art in output options
    • Updated Amazon Cover Art search
      • High resolution Cover Art is available again
      • Amazon query responds more reliably
  • User interface
    • Indicate PCM/DXD/DSD data conversion mode when converting to DSD
    • Added 'Select all', 'Clear list', and 'Create M3U' buttons to the Audio Converter (available when the File Explorer is hidden)
    • Handle YEAR (DATE) tag as a string (not a number) in advanced metadata editor
    • More editing space for the YEAR (DATE) tag, so that date in format '2019-09-07' fits into the visible field
    • Use Cover Art as file icon in the Audio Converter file list
  • Audio CD Ripper
    • Show UPC/EAN in the track list
    • UPC/EAN, Pre-Gaps, ISRC values in the ripping log
    • UPC/EAN, Pre-Gap, Pre-emphasis ISRC detection status in the ripping log
    • Pre-emphasis consistency check (TOC vs Subcode) in the ripping log