Version history


  • Create Cue Sheet in Audio Converter Single File output profile (external .cue / embedded)
  • Improved the performance of the conversion from Cue Sheet + Audio File (a lot!)
  • Reorganized Audio CD Ripper and Audio Converter output Options
  • Improved discogs cover art search (search for all available entries not just CDs)


  • Fixed the Delete Silence DSP bug that appeared in the last update


  • SoX sample rate converter operation and configuration improvements
    • Automatically set the correct/best resampler precision for the output format / encoder
      • Always the best audio quality
    • Option to select default (95%) or steep (99%) passband
    • Option to allow aliasing
    • Further information about the SoX sample rate converter settings in Audio Engine settings help page
  • Improved CD-Text writing & reading


  • Opus 1.3.1 Codec Update
  • M4A rating tag Windows File Explorer compatibility
  • Improved CD player (faster seek, click to seek to a position, larger play buffer, position follows precisely on track change)
  • Eject/Load buttons replaced with single Eject/Load button :)
  • Fixed the critical bug created in the previous update: Invalid pre-gap values were written to Cue Sheet if pre-gap detection was not used


  • Apply de-emphasis when ripping audio CDs that have pre-emphasis
  • Option to enable/disable de-emphasis from the Audio CD Ripper settings (enabled by default)
  • Save pre-emphasis / de-emphasize status to the ripping log
  • Save pre-gap and pre-emphasis information to the local database (no need for rescan when the same CD is inserted again)
  • Option to Rip and Convert without metadata (no metadata tags written to the output files)
  • Convert Cue Sheets with more than 99 tracks
  • Bugfix: Decode Disc Images (Cue Sheet + Audio File) with file size over 4 GB correctly


  • Amazon Cover Art Search now works again (change in Amazon Search URL)
    • Higher resolution cover art from Amazon now available
  • Added BARCODE (UPC/EAN) and LABEL predefined metadata fields
  • Added context-sensitive Help buttons to Settings and Options


  • Replaced CD Ripper error detection compatibility mode with two error detection reading methods


  • Improved the Audio CD Ripper Secure Error Detection ripping mode
    • Now works and correctly detects read/sync/data errors with the drives previously failing with read/sync errors and extremely slow ripping speeds
    • Problem has occured with some drives manufactured by Lite-On (some of them rebranded as PLDS, Asus, Plextor)
  • UI improvement: Updated the integrated File Explorer
    • Added Quick Access (Windows 10) / Favourites (Windows 7/8) (if enabled in Windows File Explorer)
    • Navigate to/Select a file by typing the first letters of the file name
    • Improved appearance
    • Bug fixes
  • UI improvement: Track list and file list highlight focused item
  • Fix: Audio CD Ripper showed previous disc metadata if switching to Audio Converter or Disc Burner, changing the disc, and switching back to Audio CD Ripper
  • Codec update: Added WavPack 32-bit float PCM compression


  • Improved Audio CD Ripper track-selection checkboxes behaviour
  • Color error indicators in Audio CD Ripper status window
  • Cancelling CD ripping in Verify Audio mode now properly deinitializes the output file
  • Improved ripping speed of the Error Detection / Compatibility mode
  • Included critical LAME MP3 encoder bugfix (
  • Improved/fixed CD-R / CD-RW disc supported write speeds detection
  • Improved AIFF format to support 4GB files (previous limit 2GB)
  • Added Wave64 (w64) output format
  • Added Wave64 metadata support
  • Added AU (au/snd) output format
  • Reverted back a change made to the device access layer in v8.0.2 (may have caused drive communication problems in some systems with incompatible miniport I/O drivers)
  • Removed unnecessary drive seeking preparation (added in v8.0.2) prior CD ripping (may have caused ripping issues with some drives)
  • Updated language translations


  • Added AC-3 (ac3) encoder
  • Fixed Apple AAC encoder configuration ui for non-VBR formats
  • Automatic 32/64-bit file format for MPEG-4 ISO base media file formats (m4a m4b)
  • Fixed 64-bit WAV (PCM) (RF64) missing number of samples field from the file header
  • Support decoding Vorbis (ogg) files larger than 2GB
  • Restricted TTA file size to 4GB (TTA file format maximum size is 4GB)
  • Workaround for the Opus encoder bug in automatic Music/Voice detection in 5.1 channel mode with very low bitrates
  • Updated FFmpeg 4.1 (provides decoding support for various audio formats)
  • Reset free trial period


  • Set SoX sample rate converter as default resampler
  • Three SoX resampler quality modes: High, Very High, and Ultra High
  • DSD to lossless conversion with output sample rate set to 'Auto' now resamples to highest multiple, equal, or below 384 kHz
  • Improved SoX resampler performance by enabling the SIMD-AVX optimizations
  • All codecs recompiled with the latest optimizing Intel C++ 19.0 Update 1 compiler. Resulting minor performance improvements
  • Decode AMR (Adaptive Multi-Rate NB+WB) files
  • Decode THD (TrueHD) files


  • Added Audio Engine settings to the Options
    • Select preferred sample rate converter
      • SoX resampler
      • Opus/Speex resampler
    • Select sample rate conversion quality
    • Added Dithering options
      • Enable / Disable the dither
      • Select Rectangular, Triangular, or Noise-shaped
  • Smarter 'Auto'-selection of the output sample rate (for all output formats)
    • Automatically select the output sample rate that preserves the best audio quality (previously used sample rate multiples when possible)
    • Output sample rate can also be chosen manually for all output formats
  • Added 384 kHz and 352.8 kHz sample rate output for all lossless formats (except for WMA/lossless that does not support it)
  • Improved Opus encoder audio quality
    • Uses sample rate converter and quality selected from the Options for improved audio quality (Opus internally uses Speex resampler with quality level 5)
    • Configure sample rate converter quality from Options
  • Vorbis encoder update
    • Added manual sample rate selection
    • Now supports 192kHz, 176.4kHz, 96kHz, and 88.2kHz encoding
  • FhG FDK AAC encoder update
    • Added manual sample rate selection
    • Now supports 96kHz and 88.2kHz encoding
    • More CBR formats for AAC LC and HE AAC v1
  • Apple AAC encoder update
    • Added manual sample rate selection
  • Improved MP3 encoder audio quality
    • Better audio quality for output formats that require sample rate conversion
    • Let the LAME MP3 encoder to decide the best sample rate, but use sample rate converter selected from the Options for improved audio quality
    • Configure sample rate converter quality from Options
  • Monkey's Audio v4.40 codec update


  • Fixed the bug where MusicBrainz query froze the App when MusicBrainz service returned malformed metadata entry. Bug occurred in very rare occasions.
  • Minor user interface improvements


  • Opus 1.3 codec update
  • Manual GD3 database search
  • Improved WAV metadata support
  • User interface improvements


  • Added option to save cover art to an external file in Audio Converter
    • Filename can be auto or specified (e.g. Folder.jpg)
    • Option to auto-resize
  • Added WAV dual channel L+R output mode (per user requests)
  • Other improvements
    • GD3 cover art search now works with ambersand (&)
    • Don't write Total Tracks metadata in Disc Image and Single File mode if it is disabled from the Settings
    • Case conversion is now also applied to Album Artist and Album Title


  • Improved the 'Verify Audio' ripping method
    • Sector by sector CRC comparison
    • Show number of CRC errors found
    • Log exact positions of CRC errors
  • Improved ripping log error reporting layout
    • Exact time position of an error at start of a line
    • Multiple errors in the same time position are reported on the same line
  • Added Eject and Close Tray buttons to the Disc Burner :)
  • Updated language translations
  • Bug fix: 'Copy external Cover Art file' option now respects the setting


Following changes have been made in response to user feedback:

  • Put 'Delete source files after conversion' option back
  • Added 'Play' to Audio Converter list right-click menu
  • Cover Art 'Load' does not open the location of the currently selected audio file, but uses the default or last used location
  • Bug Fix: Audio CD Ripper creating an empty m3u playlist


Latest new features:

  • Metadata improvements
    • Windows Media Player online CD database (Gracenote)
    • Discogs online CD database
    • Discogs manual search
    • Discogs cover art search
    • Improved MusicBrainz manual search
    • Faster online metadata search
    • Option to limit metadata search results
    • Always uses secure (https/ssl) protocol to access metadata services (privacy protection)
    • Optionally auto-resize embedded cover art
    • Optionally save cover art to an external file (e.g. Folder.jpg)
    • Optionally copy external cover art when converting audio files
    • Added Conductor metadata to the main user interface
    • Get Conductor metadata from online metadata search
    • Advanced metadata editor to edit all metadata tags
  • User interface improvements
    • Improved metadata search results list
    • Larger cover art thumbnails on metadata search windows
    • Resize multiple different cover arts in metadata editor with one click
    • Improved graphics on HiDPI / 4k displays
    • Improved multi-monitor support

Built on top of the powerful audio framework:

  • Latest versions of the best audio codecs are included
    • All codecs are included out-of-the-box
    • Optimized for audio quality
    • Processor optimizations for best possible performance
  • Accurate 64-bit multichannel audio processing engine
    • Signal processing performed with 64-bit floating point precision
    • Up to 64 parallel converters
    • Optimized for best audio quality
    • Processor optimizations for fast performance
  • Accurate error-detective CD ripping engine
    • Hardware-assisted AccurateCDDA error detection and error recovery