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Version history


  • Support Matroska metadata [ .mka .mkv ] (read/write)
  • Support WebM metadata [ .webm .weba ] (read/write)
  • New TrueHD encoder [ .mka .m4a .truehd ]
  • New E-AC-3 encoder [ .mka .m4a .eac3 ]
  • New DTS encoder [ .mka .m4a .dts ]
  • Updated AC-3 encoder [ .mka .m4a .ac3 ]
  • Updated Exhale Extended HE-AAC encoder 1.2.1
  • Preferred audio stream can now be chosen from the multi-stream file formats such as Matroska [ .mkv ] and MPEG-4 ISO FF [ .mp4 ]
  • Improved automatic *best* audio stream selection from MPEG-4 ISO FF [ .mp4 ] (previously AAC had priority)
  • Audio streams of video files now show more exact audio codec names [ AC-3, E-AC-3, AAC-LC, HE-AAC, xHE-AAC, DTS, DTS-HD, TrueHD ]
  • Right-click to auto-fit column(s) in Audio CD Ripper & Audio Converter status window
  • Add New Profile applies current settings (not defaults)
  • Fix CD Ripper's CD-Player controls over volume control in scaled UI mode
  • Improved WAV, AIFF and Wave64 metadata writing (automatically fix incorrectly aligned ID3 or other chunk written by a non-compliant software)
  • Improved Profile Editor window
  • Other minor user interface improvements


  • Bugfix: Fixed manual MusicBrainz / Discogs / GD3 metadata search


  • C++ compilers, libraries and runtime updates, performande benefits and general improvements
  • FFmpeg 6.1 decoder
  • FFmpeg 6.1 AC-3 encoder
  • Monkey's Audio [ APE ] 10.29 Codec
  • Adjusted metadata window edit-field margins (for usability)
  • Keyboard shortcut [ F8 ] to start Rip CD / Convert
  • Added tab stops to output audio format parameters' combo boxes (for accessibility)
  • Bugfix: 'Copy external Cover Art file from Source Folder' feature in Audio Converter (Options) did not reliably work (the output folder was not always available/created when trying to copy the image file)


  • Updated JPEG support (updated libjpeg6b to mozjpeg 4.1.1/libjpeg8d)
    • Up to 20% smaller JPEG files with improved visual quality
    • Improved JPEG decoding performance (faster UI with JPEG cover art)
    • Non-standard JPEGs with more than 10 blocks/MCU now loaded without errors
  • User interface improvements (icons, menus, languages)


  • Updated 'Copy/Paste metadata' can now copy metadata from/to multiple files
  • Amazon Cover Art search works again with all Amazon stores also added new Amazon stores
  • New Options & DSP window tooltip-preview
  • UI improvements
  • Audio engine and codec improvements
  • Performance enhancements
  • Code cleanup
  • Bug fixes


  • Improved Audio Converter metadata editing features
    • Copy/Paste metadata from file to file(s)
    • Get metadata tags from filenames & filepaths
    • Auto-number files' track number metadata
    • Single-click clear metadata of selected files
  • Improved Filenames Preview / Rename window with new tags
  • Audio CD Ripper bugfix: Invalid "Track 00 error" was shown if an External File (log cue m3u images) Option and ReplayGain AlbumGain Option were both enabled


  • Improved output filename templates
    • Added tags to specify number of leading zeros for numerical values such as <Number #/##/###/####> and <Disc Number #/##/###/####>
    • Added <Sequence> (list order #) tag
  • Improved Filename Preview / Rename window
  • Option to specify the Gain of the DSD to PCM conversions (default +6 dB gain) [ 0 dB DSD = -6 dB FS PCM ]
  • Improved SACD ISO support
  • Vorbis Comment [ .flac .opus .ogg ] metadata option to write TRACKNUMBER=n / TRACKTOTAL=N | DISCNUMBER=n / DISCTOTAL=N (standard, default) or TRACKNUMBER=n/N | DISCNUMBER=n/N (old standard, user request). Vorbis Comment [ .flac .opus .ogg ] metadata reader can read all metadata standards.
  • Fixed a bug in FLAC metadata reader not reading YEAR, ORIGINALYEAR, TOTALTRACKS, TOTALDISCS, TRACKNUMBER n/*N* DISCNUMBER n/*N* metadata
  • Show CUE, LOG, M3U and Cover Art filenames in the ripping & conversion progress list
  • Moved Audio CD Ripper Range-profile range-setting to the Options window
  • Show correct bit depth for files (such as MKA, MKV) containing DTS audio
  • Audio CD Ripper added option to specify LOG CUE M3U filename templates
  • Audio CD Ripper Normal-profile option for asking confirmation before overwriting existing folder
  • External Cover Art / LOG CUE M3U file name templates now can use translated tags


  • Updated FLAC 1.4.3 Codec
  • Bugfix: xHE-AAC encoder failed to encode low volume audio files


  • Updated Silence Removal DSP with an option for threshold dB or digital silence
  • Updated integrated File Explorer components
  • Updated Monkey's Audio [APE] 10.18 Codec
  • Updated Exhale Extended HE-AAC encoder
  • Bugfix: 24-bit DTS was decoded in wrong format resulting in an invalid output file


  • Updated Fraunhofer IIS xHE-AAC encoder v4.4.0
  • Updated Fraunhofer IIS AAC-LC/HE-AAC (v2) encoder v4.4.0
  • Updated integrated File Explorer components
  • Removed legacy 32-bit shell extension from the 64-bit installation


  • Updated Metadata Panel
    • Standard/Extended - Standard as default (Change in 'View'->'Metadata Panel'->'Standard' / 'Extended')
    • Standard: the standard set of metadata tags
    • Extended: the full set of metadata tags
    • Changed 'Comment' field to 4 full rows in Extended mode and 7 full rows in Standard mode
  • Audio CD Ripper UPC/EAN (barcode) can be manually edited in the main user interface
  • ID3v2.3: Write Year/Date to TYER frame only (for compatibility). Support reading TYER+TDAT frames and TYER Year/Date frame. (v11 and v11.0.1 wrote TYER+TDAT, older versions TYER only)


  • Enter key now moves to the next row in 'Quick Edit' mode
  • Album Art MIME type was set incorrectly
  • UPC/EAN was not always showing in CD Ripper metadata panel


  • Track/File list editing improvements
  • Improved layout when metadata panel is set to left or right
  • Improved metadata support, more metadata fields in the main user interface
  • Improved support for Release Date metadata tag (Year-field can contain either Release Year or Release Date)
  • Improved ID3V2 [mp3] and MPEG-4 ISO FF [m4a] metadata
  • Filename generation <Year> tag takes year from Release Date
  • Indicate 32-bit *floating point* audio in Bit Depth field
  • New recognized metadata fields
    • Mixer
    • Engineer
    • Producer
    • DJ Mixer
  • Codec updates
    • Opus 1.4 with audio quality improvements
    • Monkey's Audio [APE] 10.11 with support for 32-bit floating point samples compression


  • User interface updates
    • Album art viewer
    • Dark mode fixes
    • Improved metadata panel on left/right side
    • Other minor improvements
  • Updated Amazon Album Art search
  • Updated WavPack 5.6.0 Codec
  • Updated Monkey's Audio 9.20 Codec
  • Updated Exhale 1.2.0 Extended HE AAC Encoder
  • Fixed JPEG EXIF image rotation on image resizing
  • Fixed FFMPEG 24-bit formats were decoded to 32-bit
  • Fixed SACD ISO metadata was not correctly converted to Unicode
  • General improvements and code optimizations


  • FLAC 1.4.2 codec update
  • LAME 3.101 MP3 encoder
    • Performance improvements
  • Opus encoder
    • Added 416, 448, 480, 512 kbit/s stereo modes per user requests
  • Vorbis encoder
    • Added 480 kbit/s stereo mode per user requests
  • MP3 decoder
    • Correct decoding of files with an invalid first frame header (wrong channel count)
  • Monkey's Audio [APE] 8.92 codec update
  • Updated the integrated File Explorer component with visual and stability improvements
  • OneDrive folders now available in the integrated File Explorer
  • 'Music' folder now quickly accessible in the integrated File Explorer
  • Audio Converter's 'Play' command now can play multiple files and opens files in the default audio player with 'OPEN' verb (previously 'PLAY' verb) (now works with all audio players such as Windows Media Player, Foobar2000, VLC, Winamp, etc)
  • Bugfix: Width of the last 4 file list columns in audio converter may have been incorrectly automatically resized [ bug existed in 10.2 only ]
  • Bugfix: Audio CD Ripper status window was missing *album*/loudness/gain/peak [ bug existed in few last versions ]
  • Bugfix: 2nd (multichannel) TOC was not read from SACD ISO if the file extension [.iso] was not in lowercase [ bug has existed as long as there's been SACD ISO support ]
  • Bugfix: WMV (Windows Media Video) file without audio tracks resulted to a WMA decoder misbehaviour that crashed the app [ bug has existed very long time ]
  • Other minor improvements


  • Codec updates
  • Loudness is now shown as LUFS (EBU R 128) by default
    • Configurable to show ReplayGain Loudness or ReplayGain Gain
  • Lossy to Lossless file format conversion now defaults to 16-bit final output
    • Configurable to 16-bit, 24-bit, or 32-bit (float)
  • FLAC decoder supports all bit-depths from 4 to 32-bit (previously 8, 16, 24, 32)
  • Performed and passed the FLAC decoder test bench (a set of conformance test files)
  • Audio CD burning normalization setting as LUFS (EBU R 128)
  • Updated EBU R 128 loudness scanner with performance improvements
  • Improved support for multi-file Cue Sheet [.cue] files (e.g. Vinyl; one file per multiple tracks per side A/B)
  • Improved loading of (invalid) Cue Sheet [.cue] files
  • Improved Cue Sheet [.cue] error reporting
  • UI: Changed the default visible columns in file/track lists (now showing file properties such as bit-depth, channels, sample rate by default), visible columns can be customized
  • UI: Adjusted the auto-length of columns in the file/track lists (to be able to show a little bit more file information/metadata horizontally)
  • Bugfix: SACD ISO decoder failed to seek over 4GB {Integer overflow} (tracks with start position >4GB were not extracted correctly)


  • FLAC 1.3.4 update
  • WavPack 5.5.0 update
  • Monkey's Audio [ APE ] 8.42 update
  • Fixed integrated File Explorer file view flickering in Dark Mode
  • Startup improvements when started from Windows File Explorer context menu
  • Audio CD Ripper: Silence removal/addition DSPs automatically disabled when creating file/track Cue Sheet [.cue] (would create non-valid Cue Sheet)


  • Bugfix: Fixed the sluggish selection of files with album art (was a bug [C++ typo] in thumbnail creation code)
  • Updated Monkey's Audio [ APE ] 8.12 Codec


  • Codec updates
    • Opus decoder update
      • Improved decoding of corrupted files
    • Updated Monkey's Audio [ APE ] 7.80 codec
    • Updated Apple Lossless [ ALAC ] codec
      • Encoder with performance improvements
      • Fixed security vulnerabilities in decoder
    • MP3 encoder now allows 44.1 and 48 kHz sample rate selection with VBR modes 7, 8 and 9 per user request
  • Dark Mode: removed the white color flickering on control and window transitions


  • Visual updates
  • Dark Mode
    • Darker (now inline with the Windows 10/11 system dark mode)
    • Use more Windows 10/11 native dark mode features
    • Windows 10 native dark mode window caption
    • Windows 10 native dark mode (thinner) window borders
    • Windows 10 native window shadows
    • Improved file lists and file explorer tree visuals
    • Improved full metadata edit window visuals
    • Improved cover art search and manual metadata search window visuals
  • Blue Theme
    • Windows 11 less saturated window borders
  • Rating star icons updated
  • Microsoft Store App: Windows File Explorer context menus can be disabled/enabled from the Settings
  • Bugfix: When adding an invalid Cue Sheet (.cue) file the App may have crashed when displaying the error window (thread synchronization bug)


  • Fixed the bug where the App did not show in maximized window in Dark Mode when restoring from the previous session (also the window border was not showing in Windows 10)
  • Fixed the bug where the Windows File Explorer context menu would still freeze in Windows 10 Dark Mode (regression from the previous update)


  • Fixed the bug where the Windows File Explorer context menu would freeze (when used) if the App was set to Dark Mode


  • User interface: Some layout improvements
  • User interface: Some graphics improvements
  • Dark Mode: Window resize grip area on bottom is now larger (more sensitive)
  • Dark Mode: Rendering bug (white pixels) on some areas fixed
  • Dark Mode: Windows 11 use native dark mode (thinner) borders
  • Dark Mode: Windows 11 native window shadows now shown
  • Dark Mode: Windows 10 dark mode now more inline with the Windows 10 design (previously more Windows 11 themed)
  • Dark Mode: Improved some user interface images to look better in dark mode


  • Option to choose between Blue and Windows color theme in Light Mode
  • Minor Dark Mode improvements


  • Bugfix: Audio Converter Album Art info label was missing in 10.0.1


  • Dark Mode


  • Updated Silence Removal DSP, now removes the leading and trailing silence with -70 dBFS threshold
  • Updated MP3 encoder, (re)added explicit Joint Stereo / Stereo mode selection
  • Windows 11 specific theme improvements
  • Monkey's Audio [APE] v7.25 update
  • FDK AAC added more high bit rates up to 512 kbit/s Stereo per user requests


  • New 'modern' Windows 11 File Explorer context menus
  • Updated 'classic' Windows File Explorer context menus
  • Added Windows File Explorer context menus to the Microsoft Store App (Windows 10 'classic' and Windows 11 'modern')
  • Changed default 6.1 channel order, surround channels Ls/Rs from Lrs/Rrs (rear) to Lss/Rss (side)
  • Updated Exhale 1.1.9
  • Fixed Windows 11 selected menu item text from black to white
  • Fixed MP3 encoder can't convert Mono to Stereo
  • Other minor improvements


  • Audio engine
    • Added 7.1 and 6.1 output
    • Improved downmixing from 7.1 and 6.1
  • EBU R128 Normalization / ReplayGain calculation
    • Improved for multichannel
  • Metadata
    • MPEG-4 ISO file format [ .m4a ]
      • Read 'Compilation' tag value (previously the file was marked as Part of Compilation if the 'Compilation' tag just existed)
    • AAC [ .m4a ]
      • Detect AAC-LC <= 24 kHz with the correct sample rate (previously AAC-LC <= 24 kHz was detected with 2 x samplerate
      • Correctly detect HE-AAC Mono files when the M4A file format channels (incorrectly) set to Stereo
  • User interface
    • File info now shows sample rate with 3 decimals (e.g. 22.050 or 44.100 kHz) (previously 22.1 or 44.1 kHz)
  • Codec updates
    • AAC decoder [ .m4a .aac ]
      • Added 7.1, 6.1, 5.0
      • Support additional AAC multichannel signaling (ISO/IEC 14496-3:2009/Amd 4:2013) (6.1, 7.1 rear)
      • Decode AAC-LC <= 24 kHz with the correct sample rate while still retaining backward compatibility with implicit SBR signaling (previously AAC-LC <= 24 kHz was decoded with 2 x samplerate for possible implicit SBR/HE-AAC signaling)
      • Correctly decode HE-AAC Mono files with M4A file format channels (incorrectly) set to Stereo
    • Fraunhofer IIS AAC [ Pro ] encoder
      • Added 7.1
      • Reworked CBR output format configurations
    • Fraunhofer IIS xHE-AAC [ Pro ] encoder
      • Support more sample rates with low bitrate encoding modes
    • Apple AAC encoder
      • Added 7.1, 6.1, 5.0
      • New improved configuration
    • Fraunhofer FDK AAC encoder
      • Added 7.1, 6.1, 5.0
      • New calibrated VBR modes for 7.1, 6.1, 5.0
      • Reworked CBR mode configurations
    • FLAC encoder/decoder
      • Added 7.1, 6.1, 5.0
    • Vorbis encoder/decoder
      • Added 7.1, 6.1, 5.0
      • New improved encoder configuration
      • New encoder settings for CBR/ABR
    • Opus encoder/decoder
      • Added 7.1, 6.1, 5.0
      • New improved encoder configuration
      • New bitrate settings
    • MP3 encoder
      • New simpler encoder configuration
      • All modes automatically set to highest encoding quality
    • Apple Lossless ALAC encoder/decoder
      • Added 7.1, 6.1, 5.0
    • Exhale Extended HE-AAC encoder
      • Updated to v1.1.8.1
      • Reworked configuration
    • Monkey's Audio [ APE ] encoder/decoder
      • Updated to v7.15
      • Added 7.1, 6.1, 5.0
    • WavPack encoder
      • Added 7.1, 6.1, 5.0
    • AC3 encoder
      • Added 5.0
      • Reworked configuration
      • Removed unsupported sample rates from the configuration
    • Windows Media Audio [ WMA ] encoder
      • Added 7.1
    • AIFF file format
      • Added 7.1, 6.1 and 5.0
    • WAV file format
      • Added 7.1, 6.1 and 5.0
    • Wave64 file format
      • Added 7.1, 6.1 and 5.0
    • TTA encoder/decoder
      • Added 7.1
    • Musepack encoder
      • Updated configuration estimated bitrates list
    • AU file format
      • Added 7.1
    • Raw PCM writer
      • Added 7.1

Note: Previously configurated encoder settings may reset to default settings with this update (due encoder configuration updates). Encoder settings can be easily reconfigured.


  • Updated the previous version change row/column navigation 'Ctrl + Left/Right/Up/Down' to 'Alt + Left/Right/Up/Down' in track/file lists ('Ctrl + Left/Right/Up/Down' reserved for edit control cursor movement)
  • Improved audio engine multichannel support
    • Improved >8ch/7.1/6.1 downmixing (to 5.1/5.0/Quad/Stereo/Mono)
    • Minor tuning on mixing matrices
  • Fixed Apple AAC encoder (available if iTunes is installed) (got broken in previous update)


  • Certified for Windows 11
  • Improved track/file lists navigation (navigate rows/columns with 'Ctrl + Left/Right/Up/Down')
  • Monkey's Audio [ APE ] v7.02 codec update
  • Exhale Extended HE-AAC encoder v1.1.7
  • FLAC codec updated (LibOgg v1.3.5)
  • Opus codec updated (LibOgg v1.3.5)
  • Vorbis codec updated (LibOgg v1.3.5)
  • FFMPEG based decoders (decode audio from certain video file formats) use proper Unicode file names (long Unicode paths now work correctly)
  • <BARCODE> set file name generation token to '0000000000000' (empty BARCODE) if UPC/EAN does not exist (on the CD or file metadata)
  • Revert the previous version change: "CD Ripper set UPC/EAN to '0000000000000' if detection is enabled and CD does not have UPC/EAN"
  • Fixed the bug reading AIFF files with explicit big-endian byte order tag in the file header
  • Fixed the bug where ISRC was read twice to metadata (from local db and from the Audio CD)


  • Updated Extended HE-AAC encoder (Exhale v1.1.6.2)
  • Updated Opus encoder (with precise math optimizations)
  • Updated WavPack DSD encoder (DSD 5.1 to DSD 5.1 conversion channel-mix bug fix, removed 'Very High Quality' mode not used with WavPack DSD format)
  • Updated MP3/MP2/MP1 decoder (improved decoding of files that contain bad first frames with invalid sample rate)
  • Added Ogg FLAC [.ogg .oga] format (decoder, metadata support)
  • Added .M4V file format (decoder, metadata support)
  • Added .OGA file format [Ogg Vorbis, Opus, Ogg FLAC] (decoder, metadata support)
  • WAV reader can now convert files where data length is set to 0 (invalid WAV file)
  • Fixed crash when loading corrupt GIF image from metadata
  • CD Ripper log Album Artist and Album information
  • CD Ripper set UPC/EAN to '0000000000000' if detection is enabled and CD does not have UPC/EAN
  • User interface improvements
  • User interface bug fixes


  • Updated Fraunhofer IIS [ Professional ] xHE-AAC™ encoder
  • Updated Fraunhofer IIS [ Professional ] AAC ( AAC-LC | HE-AAC | HE-AAC v2 ) encoder
  • Updated xHE-AAC™ decoder
  • Added MPEG-D DRC settings for the xHE-AAC™ decoder
  • Successfully passed the xHE-AAC™ Codec compliancy tests developed by Fraunhofer
  • Enabled peak limiter (0 dbFS) on floating point transcoder to prevent codec compression artifacts (lossy formats)

xHE-AAC is a trademark of Fraunhofer and is registered in Germany, the United States, and other countries


  • Extended HE-AAC encoder
    • Whole bitrate range now supports 44.1kHz & 48kHz sample rates
    • Mono VBR formats list fixed
  • Recompiled the whole application because a faulty RAM module was discovered and replaced on the development computer just after the v9.3 was released


  • New! Fraunhofer IIS [ Professional ] Extended HE-AAC encoder
  • New! Fraunhofer IIS [ Professional ] AAC ( AAC-LC | HE-AAC | HE-AAC v2 ) encoder
  • Updated Extended HE-AAC decoder
  • Updated AAC-LC, HE-AAC, HE-AAC v2 decoder
  • Updated WavPack 5.4.0 codec
  • Updated Monkey's Audio 6.14 codec
  • Reworked settings UI
  • Setting to specify which additional metadata is written to the Cue Sheet [.cue]
  • Freedb service updated (GnuDb)
  • Freedb submission service available again (GnuDb)
  • Discogs service updated (Cover Art is available again)
  • Don't write Apple iTunes (iTunSMPB) gapless metadata to M4A files by default, can be enabled from the Settings (M4A / MPEG-4 ISO format has native preferred method for gapless playback)


  • Updated Exhale Extended HE-AAC encoder v1.1.1
    • Improved audio quality of low bitrate modes (~40, ~48, ~64, and ~72 kbit/s)
    • Improved compatibility with some decoders
  • Updated DSD encoder
    • Improved DSD encoder precision
    • Fixed AVX2 processor instruction set optimization inaccuracy


  • Updated Exhale Extended HE-AAC encoder v1.1
    • Audio quality improvements
    • New high quality low-bitrate modes
    • Very special thanks to Mr. Christian Helmrich for his great work and big thanks for the co-operation !
  • Updated Fraunhofer FDK AAC encoder v4.0.1 [ AAC Encoder v4.0.1, FDK Tools v3.1.0 ]
    • Audio quality improvements
    • Improved VBR modes audio quality
    • Retuned for improved audio quality (details)
    • Reworked VBR modes with improved audio quality (Full range 24 - 384 kbit/s for Stereo, 16 - 192 kbit/s for Mono, and 96 - 960 kbit/s for 5.1) (details)
  • Updated Fraunhofer FDK Extended HE-AAC decoder v3.2.0 [ AAC Decoder v3.2.0, FDK Tools v3.1.0 ]
  • Fraunhofer FDK AAC encoder HE-AAC and HE-AAC v2 modes in MPEG-4 ISO BMFF (M4A) now use “Explicit hierarchical signaling” (previously using “Explicit backward compatible signaling” for compatibility with the old AAC-LC-only decoders)
  • HE-AAC & HE-AAC v2 MPEG-4 ISO BMFF (M4A) gapless now conforms with MPEG-4 Part 24 (ISO/IEC 14496-24) specification
  • Updated Apple AAC encoder support, can be used from the new iTunes Desktop versions (v12.10.9.3+) and from the iTunes Microsoft Store version
  • No longer writes obsolete 'replaygain_originator_code' tags to MPEG-4 ISO BMFF (M4A) files
  • Updated the output formats descriptions list for clearer appearance


  • Integrated Windows File Explorer component updated
  • Allow file operations in shell tree
  • Added (restored) Peak Normalization (Sample Peak & True Peak)
  • Show Track/Album Gain as 'dB LUFS', 'dB Δ RG', or 'dB SPL RG' on Ripper/Converter status list
  • Show Track/Album Peak as '%', or 'dB' on Ripper/Converter status list
  • Updated Extended HE-AAC encoder & decoder
  • Updated Monkey's Audio encoder & decoder
  • Updated AAC [ AAC-LC & HE-AAC (v2) ] decoder


  • Extended HE-AAC codec update
    • Improved CVBR0 and CVBR1 audio quality
  • Fix: Fraunhofer FDK AAC encoder allow 48, 44.1 kHz sample rates with HE-AAC (v2) VBR modes 1 & 2
  • Fix: Discogs search matching MusicBrainz helper was disabled


  • Added Extended HE-AAC codec
  • Updated AAC-LC and HE-AAC codecs
  • Updated FLAC codec
  • Updated Vorbis codec
  • Updated Opus codec
  • Updated Monkey's Audio codec
  • Updated FFMPEG-based codecs
  • Improved automatic Discogs query matching
  • Fixed DTS decoder no longer fails on data error
  • Fixed DTS HD in MKA container was occasionally detected with wrong sample rate


  • Freedb service updated


  • User interface improvements
    • Added quick buttons for functions such as Add Files, Clear List, to the Audio Converter UI with the integrated File Explorer visible
    • Correct Rip CD and Convert button sizes when other than Normal profile was last used before new program launch
    • Load cover art possibility to open from last used folder or source audio file folder (previously last used folder only)
  • Metadata services improvements
    • Get 1080px cover art from WMP service (service default recently changed from 1080px to 720px)
    • Get Genre (most voted) metadata from MusicBrainz service
    • Get Genre metadata from Discogs service
  • Codec Updates
    • WavPack 5.3.0
  • Fixes & improvements
    • Fix memory fault that may have occured when saving file list to M3U file
    • Read ALBUM ARTIST metadata to Album Artist metadata if ALBUMARTIST (standard) does not exist
    • Decode M4A/AAC files that have invalid sgpd atom (iso gapless)


  • Minor updates to the newly refreshed user interface
  • Recompiled the UI with updated C++ compiler & libraries


  • New user interface experience
  • Added taskbar / start menu jump list to launch Audio Converter, CD Ripper, or Disc Burner
  • Updated the integrated File Explorer component
  • MusicBrainz & Discogs manual search by Barcode (UPC/EAN)
  • CD ripper disc detection (pre-gaps, ISRCs, UPC/EAN) now uses the selected reading speed
Audio Converter CD Ripper Disc Burner Taskbar / Start Menu Jump List


  • Codec Updates
    • WavPack 5.2.0


  • Improved output filenames / rename files filename generation
    • New predefined tags
    • All metadata tags can be used
    • External cover art option allows tags for filename generation
  • Codec Update: Fraunhofer FDK AAC 4.0.1
    • Audio quality improvements
  • Codec Update: Monkey's Audio 5.11
    • Multi-channel support
    • 32-bit samples support
    • Performance improvements
  • Profiles UI update
  • UPC/EAN always visible in the track list after initial scan
  • Parse multi-disc Cue Sheet / Single File metadata
  • Minor UI improvements


  • Added support for converting from Super Audio CD ISO (SACD ISO) [.iso] files
  • Added 5.0 support for DSD output formats


  • Bugfix: Fixed user interface bug (cover art icons)


  • DSD encoder speed improvements (no compromise in audio quality)
  • DSD decoder audio quality improvements
  • Refreshed DSP Options window
  • Bugfix: Fixed buffer overflow in DSD decoder-delay handling
  • Bugfix: Adding a file with corrupt embedded cover art icon can't crash the App anymore


  • Fixed the critical bug of the v9.0.1: App did not start on Windows 7/8 because Windows 10 WinRT API was accidentally used in the Desktop version of the App
  • Updated WavPack DSD encoder


  • Updated DSD encoder
    • Improved performance (~20% faster per thread on i7)
    • Improved audio quality
  • Added WavPack DSD encoder
  • Updated WavPack decoder
    • Native DSD conversion
    • Use integrated DSD-to-PCM converter (not WavPack DSD-to-PCM)
  • Updated WavPack encoder with the official compression levels; Fast, Default, High, Very High (previously Default, Best, Fast)
  • Bugfix: Fixed the bug of v9.0.0 where the window size was not restored to correct size on a DPI-scaled screen


  • Codecs
    • FLAC 1.3.3
    • New DSD encoders
      • DSF (DSD Stream File) encoder
      • DFF (DSDIFF) encoder
    • Updated DSD decoders (DSD-to-PCM converters)
      • Improved decimation / low-pass filter
      • Updated DSF (DSD Stream File) decoder
      • New DFF (DSDIFF) decoder
      • New DFT (DSDIFF) decoder
    • Fast seeking support for DSD decoders
      • Fast conversion from .dsf/.dff Cue Sheet audio disc images
  • Metadata
    • Added support for DSDIFF (.dff) metadata
    • Improved support for DSD Stream File (.dsf) metadata
  • Audio Engine
    • Support direct DSD to DSD conversion (bit-to-bit lossless conversion between DSD audio file formats)
    • Support DSD to DSD conversion via DXD if changing sample rate or modifying audio data with DSPs
  • Cover Art
    • Cover Art thumbnails are now shown in native aspect ratio (previously scaled to square)
    • Resize Cover Art with custom resolution
    • Keep aspect ratio when resizing Cover Art
    • Option to disable embedded Cover Art in output options
    • Updated Amazon Cover Art search
      • High resolution Cover Art is available again
      • Amazon query responds more reliably
  • User interface
    • Indicate PCM/DXD/DSD data conversion mode when converting to DSD
    • Added 'Select all', 'Clear list', and 'Create M3U' buttons to the Audio Converter (available when the File Explorer is hidden)
    • Handle YEAR (DATE) tag as a string (not a number) in advanced metadata editor
    • More editing space for the YEAR (DATE) tag, so that date in format '2019-09-07' fits into the visible field
    • Use Cover Art as file icon in the Audio Converter file list
  • Audio CD Ripper
    • Show UPC/EAN in the track list
    • UPC/EAN, Pre-Gaps, ISRC values in the ripping log
    • UPC/EAN, Pre-Gap, Pre-emphasis ISRC detection status in the ripping log
    • Pre-emphasis consistency check (TOC vs Subcode) in the ripping log