Could you add: OptimFROG 5.100

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Could you add: OptimFROG 5.100

Post by thexfile » Wed Jul 10, 2019 5:12 am

OptimFROG 5.100 adds --preset option with 12 levels for the most efficient compression, SSE2 speed optimizations, and improved compression.

Summary of changes:
+ add --preset command-line option, with levels from 0 to 10, for the most efficient settings;
+ add more efficient versions of the existing *new compression modes, named *new-light;
+ add three new modes, turbonew, fastnew, and normalnew, to complement the extra mode;
+ add --preset max to replace --maximum compression --advanced-compression combination;
+ speed increase of around 10% for all *new modes, by improved SSE optimizations;
+ speed increase of around 10% for all non *new modes, by newly added SSE2 optimizations;
+ all new compression modes and presets are backward compatible with v4.600 or v4.520.

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