Audio Tracks' Selection Before Converting From Videos

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Audio Tracks' Selection Before Converting From Videos

Post by fluorine » Sat Jan 11, 2020 7:37 am

Hello, I think the already available feature of converting internal audio tracks from video files (MKV, MP4, etc.) is really useful, but
it would be even better if there was the chance of actually being able to select the specific track/s one is wishing to convert, instead the
program pick just the first one it detects from a given container. That way, let's say I have a MKV video file with one main "DTS" audio track (01); an "AC-3" compatibility track (02); another "isolated" effects "AC-3" track (03) and finally, a "MP3" dubbing track (04); they all should be listed once the container was analyzed, thus allowing to choose one or more of them.


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