error UTF8-ID3v2-Tags

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error UTF8-ID3v2-Tags

Post by ox_triangle » Wed Jun 05, 2019 11:42 pm

i have set config to "metadata - UTF8" (write only ID3v2)
mp3 -> opus

Error: "error at deleting sourcefile"
sometime (~10%) at converting produce this error
it produce a binary exact copy of file (added " (2)" at end of filename)

Error: "Error at update the metadata"
sometime (~1%) it produce a modified copy (added "(2)" too) but has ~1KB more in size
sometime (~1%) it produce same error but file is 100% converted, source is deleted
and i cant find any error on new file - no copy is created

my manual solution to fix it
delete all new files end with (2).opus
and check all entries with "errors with updating metadata"
and set back the config to UNICODE-metadata (2.3)

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Re: error UTF8-ID3v2-Tags

Post by poiko » Thu Jun 06, 2019 7:28 am

ID3V2 setting has no effect if the output format is Opus. (Opus does not use ID3V2 tag but uses its own tagging system, same as FLAC and Vorbis)

So you convert from MP3 to OPUS.

What is the source folder of MP3 ?
What do you have in "Output folder" and "Rename files" fields in EZ CD Audio Converter ?
What Profile (Normal / Single File) you use ?
What do you have in "Options" and "DSP" ?

>> Error: "error at deleting sourcefile"
Can happen if you have "Delete source files after conversion" and the source file is open in another App. EZ CD Audio Converter cannot access the file for delete if it is open in Another App.

>> Error: "Error at update the metadata"
Can happen if you have ReplayGain activated and the source file is open in another App when EZ CD Audio Converter tries to update the metadata with calculated ReplayGain values.

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