Batchediting AlbumArt

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Batchediting AlbumArt

Post by ox_triangle » Wed Oct 10, 2018 5:55 pm

I wish more / better Methods on AlbumArt
for batch / mass editing

how i can in a mass editing
a) convert attached Images in WebP
b) resize attached Images to wished size (resolution, compressionrate, errorcheck)
c) check for errorcheck
d) setup which imagepart i want (front, back) to know what is missing & what is deletable
e) if missing image - automatically download high resolution
f) if exists more than one downloadable image - popping windows to select best choice
g) automatic matching between attached and downloaded image (select-window?)
h) automatic cropping-option of rectangle-image to sqare-image or bad edges
... and so an..

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