Advanced selection filter in Audio Converter

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Advanced selection filter in Audio Converter

Post by smokeshield » Sat Jan 18, 2020 12:26 pm

Dear Poiko,

Currently the filter is limited to file extension when selecting files to convert, which is fine for most use cases.
But let's say I want to convert only my recently ripped flac files to a lossy format, or all songs from a specific artist across my whole collection, or only 4*+ rated files.
It would be nice to have more advanced filters based on metadata like :
  • modification/creation date
  • artist/album artist
  • title
  • rating
or basically a regexp-like filter on any (text) metdata field, and threshold/range on numerical fields.

Currently I'm forced to convert everything than move the files I'm interested in using Foobar2000.
I'm convinced that many people would find such a flexible feature very useful too, as the use cases are quite infinite.

Best regards and many thanks for making this great product even better with every release.


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