[EZ Meta Tag Editor] Export/Import Metadata to UTF-8 .csv File

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[EZ Meta Tag Editor] Export/Import Metadata to UTF-8 .csv File

Post by gogonowski » Wed Jul 01, 2020 4:25 am

Useful for editing/creating metadata in large collections/libraries of audio files using spreadsheet applications and available formatting tools, and importing and exporting this edited/created metadata into the audio files and other applications in a single operation.
The Directory/Filename should be used as Column 1 as the Reference.
c:\audio\file1.wav,Artist Goes Here,Title Goes Here,Album Goes Here,2020,12345678
c:\audio\file1.wav,"""Track Artist"" Goes Here","""Track Title"" Title Goes Here",Album Goes Here,2020,12345678
"c:\audio\เก้า จิรายุ,แนท ณัฐชา - ทุ้มอยู่ในใจ.wav","เก้า จิรายุ,แนท ณัฐชา",ทุ้มอยู่ในใจ,Album Goes Here,2020,12345678

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