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Inprogramme player

Post by SubImp555 » Sun Apr 18, 2021 9:14 pm

Hi all,

Not sure if this had ever been requested before, but here goes...

I am a long time EZ CD Audio Converter user, and a new forum user. Now, I am a very happy user of this excellent piece of software, but in my opinion, there is only 1 problem with it; it has no player. When I select a song, I can ofcourse right-click and select "play song" but that only starts Windows Media Player. Now, we all know how "well" WMP handles all of the different formats outthere. Many are not supported by WMP, unless a codec is installed. A big improvemet would be if VLC Media Player could get started since it virtually handles every codec out of the box.

Now, to the point that I want to make; it is beyond me that with this excellent piece of software that, like VLC, handles every codec you can possibly think of, has the ability to burn and rip CD's, and all the other cool stuff that you can do with this software, it has no built-in mediaplayer. Why is it that the most basic functionality of an audio handling piece of software is lacking? Since I am no programmer, I have no idea of how much work it would involve to add that to the already existing version or a new version of EZ CD AC, but why wasn't this programmed into version 1.0 to begin with? With my vast amount of media files it sure would come in handy to be able to play the song to help me to decide (I suck with titles and artist names) if I want to process the file, or not.

Any explanation and/or comment is welcomed!


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