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Choosing Music Database

Post by tomucko » Sat Apr 24, 2021 1:50 am

I am trying to rip the new John Lennon Ultimate Edition. The track names appear briefly in English but then switch to Japanese. I'm trying to find a way to change back to the English track names but can't find it. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Re: Choosing Music Database

Post by aacton » Sun Apr 25, 2021 10:43 am

Hello tomucko

Option 1
(1) You should be able to use "Metadata" -> "Search for CD metadata" to get refreshed metadata from the online databases.
(2) Now use "Metadata" and select the metadata provider e.g. "GD3", "WMP", "Freedb", etc. The number and choice of providers will vary according to your EX CD settings and what can be retrieved online.
(3) You can repeat 2) as many times as you like to get the metadata you prefer (in your case you want the English version of the titles).

Option 2
If Option 1 does not help... read on :)
EZ CD automatically keeps a copy of the last metadata used for each CD on your PC. It does this so any changes you make are retained (ejecting the CD and re-inserting the CD will return the metadata to the last version you selected/updated). It also means the last metadata is available instantly, and we don't need to wait for internet query (delays).

If you want to 'clear' any metadata for the CD on your local PC, EZ CD saves the metadata in 2 files FOR EACH CD in:
C:\Users\??????\AppData\Local\EZ CD Audio Converter\cddb
For example on my PC for a particular CD I find "13B5B5C.xml" and "13B5B5C0"
Deleting those 2 files will force EZ CD to have NO METADATA for a particular CD when inserted. You then use the online database search or manually type everything yourself.

I hope this helps, Andrew

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