Rename with subfolders works ONLY by converting

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Rename with subfolders works ONLY by converting

Post by derkleinemicha » Fri Oct 22, 2021 11:29 pm

when I give renaming rules like the following for the CONVERSION of tracks, it works excellent:

<Interpret (Album)>\<Jahr> <Album>\<Nummer> <Titel>

But when I give the same rules just for RENAMING tracks, I only receive the same as if I had only given

<Nummer> <Titel>

as renaming rule.

Why is that, why is it not possible doing that? Is used to do that with mp3tagstudio earlier, where this renaming rule worked perfectly, even with right mouse click for a complete folder, but I have finally moved to Win 10 64bit, and mp3tagstudio only works with 32bit Windows ...

So 'd really love to have the same function also in EZ CD Audio Converter, but there - although I can GIVE that rule as renaming tool - it doesn't work and just behaves like described above.

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