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WAV support improvements

Post by djpat » Sun Feb 27, 2022 8:00 pm

I'm not sure if a correlation but sometime around updating to Windows 10 21H2, Windows Explorer stopped showing meta data that had been edited in WAV files. The build in "Groove Music" app no longer shows the cover art in lower left corner either.

The main thing I wanted to ask about was will there ever be the possibility of support for the special tags used by Traktor in WAV files. This is more of a Traktor problem in that it won't read ID3 tags in WAV files. But really wanted this software as a work around for that. Currently any WAV file edited in Meta Tag Editor kind of blows up Traktor each time on startup because it refused to read the ID3 tag but then won't continue processing the file.

Has there ever been any thought into figuring out the special Traktor specific data it puts in WAV files and including the option to write those tags in Meta Tag Editor?
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