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Normalize ONLY IF !

Post by iBypass » Sun May 22, 2022 5:52 pm

Hello Poiko,

It would be VERY NICE to add a feature that trigger normalization based on detected loudness (LUFS).

Here's the idea, let's say you set the Normalization options like this :


Garanteed MINIMUM Loudness :
This option would apply normalization to a song ONLY IF its original track gain is UNDER the target LUFS, otherwise normalization is skipped. This would make sure any converted tracks will have a MINIMUM loudness level (-12.00 dB), but it will NOT alter (lower) the loudness of songs with an original LUFS value higher than the target :


Garanteed MAXIMUM Loudness :
This would be the exact opposite behavior. Normalization is applied to a song ONLY IF its original track gain is HIGHER than the target LUFS, otherwise normalization is skipped and the track gain is not altered. This would make sure any converted tracks cannot exceed a MAXIMUM loudness level but it would NOT alter (raise) the loudness of songs with an original LUFS under the target value.


These options would be VERY handy when converting track for car listening. While some old CDs are very quiet and need normalization to raise their loudness, some newer stuff (like remastered CDs) do have higher loudness and don't need to be altered (lowered).

For your info, I found this similar request from September 21, 2018 :
Normalizing tracks with not more than a certain level of ReplayGain

Regards, iBypass ;-)

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Re: Normalize ONLY IF !

Post by CrimsonSky » Tue Jul 05, 2022 7:51 pm


I would like to second this suggestion and I have a few ideas that I'd like to add as well. Over the weekend I ran into an issue with a CD from a hard rock band that had a lot of hard clipping that I'm not sure whether was done by design or bad mastering since it was from an indie label - one song showed nearly the entirety was clipped in audacity - which can be abrasive to listen to at levels that I'd be listening to other music at. Anyway, I needed to do some normalization without further worsening the dynamic range of the album and it took a lot of trial, error and playing with individual tracks to do so. I think what would be helpful is an option such as "Maintain dynamic range" when processing a set of tracks from an album with normalization where the loudest/lowest (depending on selection) is normalized per settings and the rest of the tracks are normalized to a different degree or not at all.

For example, an album from a heavy metal band that includes mostly loud songs and then a few ballads and I want to reduce those down to some level that is still higher than the softer ballads - it would not make sense to raise the ballads up to that level. Rather, the slightly quieter tracks would still have slightly quieter loudness and so on.

Another feature which would be helpful in this situation is something similar to audacity's Clip-Fix feature that reduces peaks and attempts to reconstruct (with varying degrees of success) the the clipped portion.

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