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HDCD Detection - Rip Log

Posted: Sat Mar 09, 2024 12:34 pm
by aacton
HDCD Detection and Reporting in the Rip Log

I would like to ask if EZ CD can be updated to DETECT and REPORT the use of HDCD encoding.

From my understanding, this would require each CD TRACK to be read (for several seconds) to detect the presence of HDCD's fingerprint in the
data stream. This is unlike standard 'Red book' CD Pre-Emphasis which is indicated in (a) the CD TOC (Table of Contents) and (b) Individual Track sub-channel.

It seems the programming interface to detect HDCD is well established, and it would be great if EZ CD could report this in the RIP log (just like it does today in regard to Pre-Emphasis).

There is information at: ... alyze_mode specifically regarding detection, with the programming interface already in existance.

An EZ CD Option to 'Enable/Disable' HDCD detection would be appreciated.

NOTE: I am not asking for HDCD 'decoding'... that function should be performed by the playback software (not the CD Ripper).

Re: HDCD Detection - Rip Log

Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2024 4:34 pm
by aacton
HDCD Detection - Rip Log

This was new feature was implemented as requested in EZ CD version 11.5.2 (April 2024). :D

Thank you Poiko!